As fellow employees welding together for another local business in the early 2000’s, both owners of YB found that they shared a common interest of owning their own business one day.  With this common dream and having years of welding experience, the two became business partners and launched YB Welding into existence in 2004.  As the following years brought about rapid growth, the business took on many new ventures to become what it is today.  Even though we have a much broader scope of services today, we certainly don’t forget where it all started, with a welder.  Having this basic knowledge and skill sets YB and our employees apart from many other fabricators.  Having 5 full time welders with additional room for growth, we take pride in our welding department and the services we offer.  MIG and TIG have been our primary focus but we also offer stick welding as well as on site mobile welding services depending on the extent of the job requirements.  Each of our weld bays are equipped with overhead hoists to handle your high volume heavier weldments on a consistent schedule.

Each of our welders are trained to read blueprints to ensure that your each and every part is welded properly and ensures a high quality part.  Depending on the size of your weldment parts as well as the frequency of your orders, our staff will create and build our own weld fixtures to match your parts for an even higher consistency in accuracy on your high volume orders.  We handle and weld carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum for whatever projects you have in mind so give us a call today to discuss how our staff can help you.  We look forward to hearing from you and becoming one of your trusted vendor suppliers who is able to meet some or all of your supply chain needs.