At YB Welding your parts manufacturing and metal forming is in capable and dependable hands.  We provide cost effective metal forming at precision levels to meet your desired manufacturing specifications.  

Our Trumpf press brakes are capable of bending steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals to within very tight tolerances.  Having a combined 30 plus years of experience in the metal forming industry, our staff has been factory trained by corporate Trumpf factory employees to operate and excel in forming many complex parts for various industries.  Our three Trumpf models of press brakes are 5170, 3120 and 3066 which range from an 80” bed size up to 120” bed and from 72 ton up to 187 ton press capacity.  

This translates to being able to form ¼ material at 120” wide but also having the option to form thicker materials at shorter lengths.  The computer numerical controls (CNC) allow for an automatic back gauge which helps with faster part processing while also providing a safe operation for the machine operator.   Our machines 6 axis capability and sectionalized tooling opens up a wide range of forming options to meet most part requirements.  Serving many different industries has given us a number of opportunities to offer our forming services and has created some unique situations where we’ve had to think outside the box to create our own tooling dies in order to fit the required part.  These experiences have ultimately opened up new areas where we can offer additional services to many unique situations and industries.  Serving the aggregate, coal, agriculture and construction industries, as well as a number of local manufacturing companies, our team is anxious to hear from you and will do their best to match our services to your manufacturing needs in a way that will decrease your input costs and ultimately increases your bottom line.