Press Brakes

Y.B. Welding Inc. specializes in metal forming and parts manufacturing, creating reliable, cost-effective products for the clients who need them most. Our mission is to use our powerful press brakes and precision fabrication techniques to help our customers across the manufacturing, excavating, and landscaping industries and beyond to stay competitive and do incredible work.

What Is A Press Brake?

Press brakes are an essential part of metal forming. These relatively simple, yet incredibly forceful, pieces of machinery use a clamp system and controlled pressure to bend metal and manipulate raw materials until they fit the required specs. At Y.B. Welding, we use Trumpf press brakes that are capable of impressive precision without compromising strength. We can bend a variety of metals, including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, using our three in-house Trumpf models—the 5170, the 3120, and 3066—as well as our newly-installed Trumpf 5000 series robotic bend cell with a 14′ 5230 press brake.

With this equipment, we’re able to offer everything from an 80-inch bed size up to a sprawling 168-inch bed size with a press capacity ranging from 72 tons up to a whopping 230 tons.

What We Can Do

Investing in top-of-the-line machinery increases our ability to perform at a high level while also filling orders quickly, and not only meeting but exceeding safety standards. Then there are the computer numerical controls (CNC) that allow for an automatic back gauge. Add to that six-axis capability and sectionalizing tooling, and we can create an eye-opening amount of shapes and sizes to keep our clients satisfied no matter what kind of project crops up.


Industries We Serve

We’re proud to offer our metal forming services to businesses across the commercial spectrum — in fact, working with a diverse array of clients has helped us further hone our problem-solving skills. As a result, we’re experts at thinking outside the box and can even craft custom tool dies to suit part requirements that have never existed before. The more demanding our clientele, the more opportunities we have to rise to the occasion, and those experiences benefit everyone involved — including you.


We currently serve companies in the aggregate, agriculture, coal, excavating, construction, and manufacturing industries, but if you don’t fall into those categories, please don’t be discouraged. Reach out to us with your manufacturing needs, and we’ll collaborate and help you find a way to answer demand while protecting your budget and also buoy sales, ideally, so you can scale up your business and have your best year yet.

Partnering With Y.B. Welding

It takes a lot of dedication to stay competitive in a challenging market, and our success is anything but a fluke. Our passion for delivering accurate, reliable products backed by technology is exactly what clients need to achieve their own lofty goals. Our structure and streamlined production system accommodate high-volume orders as we can mass-produce even bespoke parts.
From in-shop and portable welding to CNC sawing and AutoCAD, our experienced team is a design and execution powerhouse. It’s something our owners, Eric and Jonas, have consistently focused on from their initial positions as trailer assemblers to their current roles as company leaders, and that allegiance to quality and excellence has never been more evident.

Explore Our Metal Forming Services

Y.B. Welding serves clients within a 3-hour radius of our home office in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Whether you’re looking for laser-cutting services, press-brake metal forming, or other types of welding and fabrication assistance, we’re ready to help. For more information on our adaptable solutions, contact us online or the shop directly at (717) 267-6005.