Inspecvision P110.25 for faster design and quality assurance of 2D parts. We know that your time is valuable so we regularly use our 2D imaging Inspecvision system to accurately inspect or scan and reverse engineer your parts.

With a scan bed size of 1276mm (50.23 inches) x 851mm (33.50 inches) this system can handle a part up to 350 mm (13.77 inches) in height and ensures accurate dimensions, eliminating any guess work while increasing productivity and efficiency.  Once the image is secured, it is saved into our computer database where it can be directly applied to the laser cutting program or be changed if necessary through our AutoCAD Inventor ‘18 software.

Our designers make every effort possible to be sure your parts are cut correctly the first time, every time.  Accuracy is key for production and fabrication so we place a high value on the drawing, design and drafting step where it all starts.  Our staff is committed to serving our clients to the best of our ability and they strive to make sure each part is accurately dimensioned, documented and verified.  

Without the Inpecvision system, extra time would be needed to draft and quote each part, leaving room for error and adding additional time into our quoting process.   With this computer software and technology, a part is quickly scanned and profiled as a production quality drawing, eliminating any need for human data entry which can sometimes lead to errors and mistakes.    It is also capable of scanning any type of template, whether it be made from cardboard, paper or some other material.

Do you have something you want laser cut but don’t have proper computer software to draw it up in CAD?  If you can create a template of sorts, we’ll be able to scan it on this tool to reverse engineer the part for your production needs.