Fabrication can mean a lot of different things to different clients.  Whether it’s individual parts, or the combination of parts into a larger component, our staff here at YB Welding will listen to your described needs and do everything possible to meet and exceed your expectations for a product that is functional and user friendly, fitting into your industry and or marketplace.

The process starts with 3D CAD design and leads to parts being cut, formed, welded and possibly painted and assembled. Parts deburring and descaling are also steps sometimes needed and requested for a final assembly process to take place. We have a large array of equipment suitable to aid us in this fabrication process. Finishing options such as wet paint or powder coating are available and are subbed out to some of our trusted local partners. The final result presents an end product that meets your requirement and is tailored to your industry. Our staff looks forward to opportunities when the complete fabrication process can take shape and the end product is successfully put to work in its designed industry field.  Feel free to contact us today to connect with some of our staff in order to discuss the scope of your request.