While our design time is product specific, our trained staff is willing and able to support your product right from the very beginning.   Our team will seek to understand our client’s needs and the product concept so it is first developed and designed properly to ensure the final production is smooth and that it hits the mark.  It’s in the design stage that many potential problem areas can be exposed, corrected, and eliminated.  We place a high value on the drawing, design and drafting step where it all starts. Your product’s reliability and dependability, coupled with ease of assembly, is key for production and fabrication.

Having years of combined experience in the metal fabrication industry, we’ve been able to transition many ideas from a simple sketch to an actual product that serves and supports the business it was designed for.  Using the latest Autodesk Inventor software, we can transform your simple sketch, or idea into an accurate 3 dimensional screen model so you can visualize what the end result will be.  Performing this design step in house increases product accuracy and gives the reassurance of a quality finished part that has the ease and dependability for a smooth final assembly and fabrication process.  Our years of experience has seen many projects; from small one piece items to larger complex projects that require multiple components coming together for a successful final assembly.