Custom Fabrication Design For Businesses

Y.B. Welding, Inc. provides fabrication design services for manufacturing companies, and we’re here to help you quickly scale production when you need a large quantity of precision-cut steel components. We serve companies in industries, such as excavating, landscaping, and manufacturing, that need large quantities of custom-fit parts that meet precise design specifications.

Drawing, Design, And Drafting

To get to the final stage of production with metal parts that fulfill your needs, we spend extra time learning what you need and eliminating potential problems. The process begins with our trained staff listening to you and then applying our design knowledge to your product.

The drawing, designing, and drafting processes we use during our early design phase are set up to expose potential problems. This provides the opportunity to correct problems early in the design process, so the parts are ready to use and fit your specifications from the first day of production.

How Our Experience And Our Auto-CAD Software Helps You

The team at Y.B. Welding brings an abundance of metal fabrication experience to each project. We use that experience to turn a basic drawing of a product a client needs into a functional product. Using specialized software is one way we apply our skills to the creation of products.

The software we rely on is called Autodesk Inventor, and it turns a basic drawing into a three-dimensional model on the computer screen. This makes it easier for you to see the finished product before the first one is ever created. This way potential problems are discovered without investing in the cost of producing parts that may not be functional.

In-House Design And Laser Cutting

Part of the advantage of our process comes from performing the design work in-house. It increases the degree of precision from the very first finished product that you receive. Laser-cut metalwork is another specialty we offer that enhances the finished products, and the benefits show up in the design phase as well as in each part we produce for you.

We use Trumpf TruLaser cutting machines to slice through steel, aluminum, and stainless steel for our clients. This results in metalwork that has a smooth finish on cuts, which translates to a part that’s easy to work with and functions properly after installation.

Fabrication And Metal Forming Services

We offer several fabrication and metal forming options for our clients. These include portable welding, in-house welding, CNC press brakes, and CNC sawing of parts. These processes are all part of our part-creation process that ensures each client of accurate results.

OEM Manufacturing 

Our precise manufacturing techniques enable us to create original parts for manufacturing processes. The OEM parts that we produce are suitable for large-scale production, and the high degree of precision achieved in producing these metal parts ensures that each consumer can rely on component quality.

This helps you maintain a competitive edge in the market, and it makes it easy for you to scale up production when we deliver the high-quality, custom-designed parts you need quickly and effectively.

Contact Y.B. Welding, Inc. About Fabrication Design Today

At Y.B. Welding, Inc., our services begin with communicating with you to learn details about your product needs. We then work to create a final design that fits your needs before we move into production. Call us today at (717) 267-6005 to speak with someone. We also provide a contact form you’re welcome to use to provide some details about your fabricated metalwork projects.